I’m helping host a Pink and Yellow Owl themed baby shower and was put in charge of the decorations, and of coursePink and Yellow Owl BAby Shower Banner
a Pennant banner is a MUST-Have. The mom-to-be is having a baby girl, so I decided to have the pennant banner say “ITS A GIRL”using the overall pink and yellow color scheme and incorporate the owl theme with two decorative pennants on each end of the banner. I love DIY projects for parties and events and am excited to share the tutorial for the Pink and Yellow Owl Baby Shower Pennant Banner I made. If you’re looking for more baby shower pennant banner tutorials you should check out my Chevron “ITS A BOY” Pennant Banner tutorial.

I plan to share a tutorial for the Owl Baby Shower Corsage that I made for the mom-to-be, as well.

Okay, let’s get started!!

Here is what you will need:

  • Pre-cut Pennant Banner (I purchased mine for less than $5 at Target)
  • Decorative Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Circle Punch (or you can print a circle and cut it out)
  • Decorative Letters (I used pre-cut letters I purchased for $2 at Hobby Lobby), but you can use Stickers or you can print your letters from word and cut them out.
  • Glue (I used Elmer’s Glue Stick)
  • Paint (this is only if you are using pre-cut letters that need to be painted and if you don’t have the exact color of paper you need for your banner).
  • Ribbon

Step 1: Trace Pennant Banner onto the back of your decorative paper

Trace around Banner

Step 2:  Cut out Pennant and Glue it onto your pre-cut pennant

Glue Decorative PaPer on Banner

Step 3: Punch holes at top of banner using the pre-cut banner’s holes as a guide

 Punch holes into banner

This is what your Pennant will look like after you punch the holes

after punching holes in pennant

You need 10 Pennants (8 of which for the letters “ITS A GIRL” and 2 for the decorative Owls) Repeat the above steps for the remaining 7 pennants

Step 4: Use decorative paper or paint on the remaining two pennants. I couldn’t find pale yellow scrapbook paper anywhere, so I decided to paint my pennants.

 Paint Pennant Banner

Step 5: Cut out the Circles for your Letters (I had a Circle Punch that I used) but you can also print out the right size circle and cut it out).


Step 6: Since I didn’t have the right color of paper to use for my circles I painted my circles the same color yellow as I did the decorative pennants (if you have the right color paper you can skip this step).

Paint Circle

Step 7: If you’re using cardstock letters (like I used then you need to paint your letters), sorry I don’t have a picture of this step.

Step 8: Adhere your letters onto the circles (I used an Elmer’s Glue stick)

Glue Letter onto circle

Step 9: Glue your Circles onto your Pennants

Glue circle with letter onto Pennant

Step 10: Paint your wooden owls (you can also print an owl template if you prefer)

Paint Wooden Owl

Step 11: Adhere your owls onto your pennants (I used a hot glue gun for this since the owls were heavier than cardstock)

glue owl onto banner

Step 12: Hang your pennants (I decided to use ribbon instead of the string that came with the pre-cut pennant banner)

Hang Banner Using Ribbon

Now you have a Pink and Yellow Owl Baby Shower Pennant Banner!

It's A Girl Pennant Banner

 Pink and Yellow Owl It's a girl pennant banner

 I hope you enjoyed my DIY Owl Baby Shower Pennant Banner Tutorial!!

Until Next Time…

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