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Riley is finally at the age where she likes hair bows. Yay, so I am constantly making her fun new boutique hairDIY Layered Spike Boutique Hair Bow bows to match all of her adorable outfits. Riley’s favorite hair bow is the one I did the Boutique Hair Bow tutorial for a few weeks ago.  She absolutely loves that hair bow (she has worn it more than a dozen times).  The first time she wore it I told her mommy made it for her,  I think it’s because she was just starting to comprehend and retain information, but now every time we go to pick out a hair bow she goes for that one and says, “mommy made it” it’s actually really adorable.

So now I let Riley watch me as I make the hair bows and tell her “mommy’s making you a new hair bow” it makes her more excited about it. Lol.

I love the last Boutique Hair bow that I made for Riley, it’s a Layered Spike Boutique Hair Bow, so I wanted to share a quick and easy tutorial!!

Okay, here is what you will need

  • 1 ½ Inch Grosgrain Ribbon in two Styles.
  • 5/8 Inch Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Needle & Thread
  • Metal Wire
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Clip
  • Embellishment (Optional)

To make a Layered Spike Boutique Hair Bow you will first need to make a Spike Hair Bow and a Pinwheel Hair Bow.

Let’s start with the Spike Hair Bow

Step 1: Cut 5 pieces of 1 ½ inch grosgrain ribbon 6 inches long. I cut 3 pieces in one style and 2 pieces in the other style.

Cut 5 Pieces of Ribbon for Spike Bow

Step 2: Fold Ribbon in half and cut the ends diagonally

Clip Ribbon Diagonally

Your Ribbon should look like this. Once you’re done take a lighter and singe the ends to keep them from fraying

Clip Edges of Ribbon for Spike Bow

Step 3: Layout the pieces as follows

Make Spike Bow Lay Ribbon for Spike Bow back side of ribbon design

Step 4: Take the piece you laid down last and fold it in half then take your needle and thread and push it through the center

Fold Ribbon and place Needle in the center

Do this for the remaining four pieces. When you finish it will look like this

Spike Bow after placing them through the thread

Step 5: Arrange your spike bow by spreading out the pieces so they look like they did when you originally laid them out.

Arrange Ribbon for spike bow

Step 6: Pick up the ribbon at the center and fold it accordion style. Then Place your Needle and thread through the center

Fold ribbon Accordian Style

Step 7: Wrap the thread around the center several times then place then place the needle through the thread to knot the end.

Wrap Thread Around ribbon to make spike bow

Now Let’s Create the Pinwheel Hair Bow

Step 8: Place your ribbon into the palm of your hand right beside your thumb

Place Ribbon across palm

Step 9: Wrap the ribbon around the back of your hand and then back on top of the initial piece of ribbon

Wrap Ribbon Around Hand

Step 10: Wrap Ribbon around hand again overlapping with the piece before it. Then cut the ribbon when it is even with the other two loops

Wrap Ribbon around Fingers

Step 11: Place Thumb in the center of the ribbon

Place Thumb in Center of Ribbon

Step 11: Fold the Ribbon accordion style

Fold Ribbon Accordian Style

Step 12: Wrap metal wire around the ribbon to hold the bow in place

Secure Ribbon to Make Pinwheel Bow

Now that you have both your spike bow and your pinwheel bow you can make your layered spike boutique bow

Step 13: Glue the Boutique Bow onto the Spike Bow using your hot glue gun

Glue Pinwheel Bow onto Spike Bow

Step 14: Take the 2″ piece of small ribbon and glue it around your layered bow using your hot glue gun

Glue Small Ribbon Around Bows

Step 15: Glue your embellishment on to the front of your bow (this is optional)

Glue Embellishment onto Bow

Step 16: Glue the hair clip to the back of your hair bow using your glue gun

Glue Clip to Back of Hair Bow

Now you have a Fabulous Layered Spike Boutique Hair Bow

Layered Spike Boutique Hair Bow

Layered Spike Boutique Hair Bow Tutorial

* I want to thank Offray for the sponsored collaboration

Until Next Time……

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