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Dear Pre-Pregnancy Pants, Please Don’t Give Up on Me!!! I know my baby is two years old, but I promise we will beNutritional Cleanse - It's Not a Diet It's a Lifestyle together again VERY SOON, as I AM COMING FOR YOU WITH VENGEANCE. I’ve finally had it with not being able to fit into my clothes, defaulting to yoga pants every chance I get and doing everything in my power to avoid the flash of a camera.

After tons of research I’ve decided that the best option for me is a Nutritional Cleanse and I don’t mean a colon / detox cleanse that sends you to the bathroom for days on end. Lol. A nutritional cleanse will clean-out the toxins in your body and give your body the proper nutrients which equates to more energy, focus, weight loss and an overall healthier life!!

I had a good friend that did a Nutritional Cleanse a year ago and her results, continued health and true passion for the product has been an inspiration to me!!

You can see my friend Amanda’s Before and After picture below

Nutritional Cleanse Before and After

Can you believe that she looked this Fabulous only a few months after having a baby?!?!

I know that this isn’t my typical post, but getting my body and health back is something that is very important to me, as I’ve faced several challenges both with my body image and my health since my pregnancy and I know there are so many amazing women out there facing some of the same challenges.  so I wanted to share my story and journey in hopes of helping others!! I’ve included my personal experiences below so you will better understand the struggles and why

My Story

The Motivating Factors behind my decision to do a Nutritional Cleanse 

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I was a weight fanatic, swearing that I would be back into my pre-pregnancy pants before my maternity leave was up….well I lost all of the weight in 13 weeks, but my pre-pregnancy pants were still tight and very uncomfortable. I had a muffin top and wide hips that had no intentions of going anywhere, so I thought…okay, I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight so if I have to go up a size temporarily I will be okay.

Well what do you know, a year passed and I was still wearing clothes that were one size larger. I was not happy with myself but somewhere along the way I lost my self-control. Before I knew it I had gained weight and my pants that were one size bigger than my pre-pregnancy pants started getting tight. On top of that I started having some crazy stomach issues with acid reflux, gas and bloating.

My Stomach Issues

The first time I experienced a stomach episode I thought it was a stomach bug just because the acid reflux and pain lasted for three days and ultimately ended with my head in a home depot bucket beside my bed, but it wasn’t until I started having acid reflux issues two to three times a week that I realized something must be wrong.

By that time it wasn’t just pain from acid reflux it was knife stabbing pains that went from my stomach through my side and to my back. I would honestly associate the pain with the pain I felt during labor (I had back labor, which was ABSOLUTELY EXCRUTIATING).  After finally getting in to see a gastrointestinal doctor and later having an ultrasound of my stomach I found out I had gallstones and that I was going to have to get my gallbladder removed.  A month later I had laparoscopic gallbladder surgery which was another whirlwind. A so-called easy recovery left me with a bloated stomach, infection in one of my incisions and extreme pain. I looked 6 months pregnant. It was horrible. I wasn’t able to get the bloating to go down for 3.5 weeks and even then I was still carrying extra weight.

It’s been 4 months since I had my gallbladder removed and I am now wearing pants two sizes larger than my pre-pregnancy pants, but guess what. I’m DONE with weight gain.

I am 100% committed to getting my two sizes larger butt back into my pre-pregnancy pants. I have been doing a lot of research and am not only looking to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes but I want to get my diet under control. This constant stomach rollercoaster has become a huge obstacle for me and has impacted the way I feel on every level, so I am also committed to getting my body and my health back!!

Stay tuned for more details on my upcoming Nutritional Cleanse!  I’ve ordered the product and am extremely excited to get started!! I hope that you will follow my progress!!

If anyone wants to join me in getting their health and/or body back PLEASE let me know, as I would love a buddy!!

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