I’m back with another Craft Room storage tutorial. In my last post I shared a tutorial on how to make pink and Kate Spade Inspired Storage Box Tutorialwhite damask storage boxes. In this tutorial I”m going to share how to make the Pink and Gold Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes that I have on display throughout my craft room. While I love the pink and white damask pattern too much of the same pattern or even a similar pattern will make the space look busy and will ultimately throw the room off-balance, so it’s important to mix solids and patterns smoothly throughout the room so that it creates an aesthetically pleasing look.

I paired the Pink and Gold Kate Spade Inspired storage boxes with the pink and white damask storage boxes. I also made white and gold storage boxes that I mixed in. I like the way the white makes the pattern storage boxes pop.

Okay, let’s get started!

 Here is what you will need:

  • Photo Box or Shoe Box
  • Pink and White Damask Scrapbook Paper (I purchased this pattern at Michaels)
  • Mod Podge
  • Martha Stewart Gold Gilding OR Craft Smart Gold Paint Pen (they both look very similar)
  • Book-plates (I re-used the ones that came on the photo boxes and for the shoe boxes I purchased Martha Stewart Self-adhesive book-plates)
  • Hot Glue Gun (only if you’re re-using the label holders from photo boxes)
  • Pink Paint – I used Seashell Pink (by Folkart) mixed with Baby Pink (by Folkart) mixed with White
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors

Okay friends, let’s get started!

Kate Spade Inspired Pink and Gold Storage Box Tutorial

Step 1: If you’re using a photo box you need to take off the label holder (I used a little screw driver to pry mine out). If you’re using a shoe box, move on to step 2

Remove Bookplate from Photo Box

Step 2: Paint your entire photo box / shoe box and lid pink (I ended up giving my boxes 2-3 coats)

Paint Photo Box

Step 3: Go up about 1/4 inch from the bottom of your lid and place a piece of painters tape all the way around. As a side note, make sure your paint is 100% dry

Add Painters Tape

Step 4: Paint the bottom part of your lid gold with liquid gilding or using your gold paint pen (Sorry I didn’t capture a pic of this step) :-/

Step 5: Paint the label holder gold with liquid gilding or your gold pen

Paint Bookplate Liquid Gilding

Step 6: Use your hot glue gun to re-attach the old book-plate or if you’re using the self adhesive book-plate peel it off and place it onto your storage box

Glue Bookplate back onto Box

Step 7: Once the gold paint is 100% dry VERY CAREFULLY remove the painters tape. If you pull too hard it will pull the pink paint off with it

Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes

Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes

Pink and Gold Craft Room Storage Boxes

Pink and Gold Kate Spade Inspired Storage Box

Look for a tutorial on how to Paint Fabric Storage Bins (like the Pink and Gold Storage Bins in the picture above) and for the full Craft Room Reveal!!

Until Next Time….


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