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A few weeks ago in my post Fall Family Photos – What to Wear I shared that we were going to have or family photos taken, so I wanted to share some of our Fall Family Photos.  It was a beautiful fall day, the sun was shining bright, the temperature was a perfect 72 degrees and the leaves were beginning to turn. On another note, my darling Riley refused to take a nap and was in a mood to say the least, so we weren’t able to get all the photos we would have liked and getting Riley to smile was a challenge in itself, but all in all I thought they turned out pretty good.

Here they are, I hope you enjoy!!

Riley on Daddy's shoulders

Mommy Daddy and Riley Fall 2015

Outdoor Family Photos

Kissing Baby

Mommy spinning Riley

Mommy and Riley

Family Photos - Swing

Mommy and Daddy

The Family 2015

Mommy Daddy and Riley

Daddy and Riley

Baby climing on Mommy's back

Fall Family Photos

Riley and Bear

Riley wearing mommy's hat

Riley and Brown Bear

Riley at 26 months

Mommy and Daddy Fall 2015

Fall Family Photos

Fall Family Photos

Until Next Time…..

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