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I hope everyone had an Amazing and Blessed Holiday season! It’s truly hard to believe the holidays are over and it’s almost 2016….Wow, time flies, but what a year! With Riley, there is never a dull moment, she is such an AMAZING and fun little girl!

I haven’t mentioned this previously, but I am no longer with the company I worked for the past 8 years, I left there at the end of September and while I definitely have to go back to work, I have had such an absolutely phenomenal time with my baby. I am so thankful for the time I’ve been able to spend with her! We have been able to do things we weren’t able to do before, we spent hours at the mall, playing in the play area, dancing around the big Christmas tree, eating snowman cookies and riding the carousel. We were able to go to Discovery Place Kids, Christmas Festivals, visit friends and play our hearts out. It’s hands down the most fun I’ve had during the Holidays since I was a kid.

All that being said, I want to share some pictures of Riley’s 2015 Holiday Season!! There is a short video of Riley dancing to Christmas music at the end!

I hope you enjoy!! 🙂

sitting on presents

riley and brown bear watching christmas display

fun at the santa display

Playing around the BIG Christmas Tree

in front of christmas tree

playing with brown bear around christmas tree

She loved the Christmas Tree so much….that we had to go back and see it again…only this visit included a Snowman Cookie, Christmas Music and Dancing around the Christmas Tree

eating a snowman cookie

snowman cookie time

licking her sticky fingers

licking her fingers

eating snowman cookie

dancing and eating snowman cookie

Riley playing at Christmas Tree

dancing to christmas music

For some reason Riley just does not like having her picture taken, so getting her to take a selfie with mommy was virtually impossible.

mommy and riley in front of christmas tree

christmas tree picture

Here are some pictures of Riley acting silly in the dressing room. We had a deal that if she was a good girl and let me push her in the stroller that she could get out and play while I tried on clothes.

dressing room fun

Riley Acting Silly in the dressing room

Here are some pictures from our trip to Discovery Place Kids and the Town of Huntersville Christmas Festival.

playing in the water at discovery place kids


playing construction worker

playing doctor

The Town of Huntersville had their Christmas festival the same day we went to Discovery Place Kids, so we were able to partake in the Christmas festivities as well! They had ice trucks shredding ice to make the ground look like snow, it was really cool! Riley had an absolute blast!

playing in the ice / snow at christmas festival

riley playing in the ice

riley and luke playing at christmas festival

playing with Luke in the ice/snow

I mentioned earlier that Riley isn’t a fan of the camera, but every once in a while she’ll embrace it!! This was one of those times. I love my little goof troop!!

Riley smiling for a selfie

doing a flip and taking a selfie...talented

We were getting ready to go outside and play. That means letting our chickens out, going for a walk, driving her pink Barbie car, swinging in her pink tree swing and turning on her bubble machine and popping bubbles with her plastic dollar tree candy cane. As you can see by her sunglasses and rain boots she was ready to go!

ready to go out and play

As a side note, Riley is OBSESSED with her pink rain boots,  she wears them about 90% of the time (she will put them on with her pajamas and wear them up until time to go to bed). She can put them on by herself and is so proud every time she puts them on, so unless we are going somewhere special I let her wear what makes her happy!

sunglasses and rainboots and she's ready to go

ready to go out and play

Riley loves watching videos on her iPad mini. She calls it her pie-pad. This is a picture of her watching Hooplakidz Christmas songs in the foyer.  I was working on her Teepee in the dining room (I made her DIY  Teepee as part of her Christmas from mommy and daddy), and I can’t get anything done with her in my craft room (she gets more excited in there than she does a candy shop). She wanted to be with me, so I made her a little spot to sit and watch Christmas videos on her “pie-pad”

watching christmas videos before bed

Here are some pictures from Christmas….after Santa arrived (Riley was still sleeping)

Santa came for a visit

Santa Brought Presents

Santa Came

Riley was not a fan of taking pictures, she was more interested in playing, so I was only able to snap a few that actually turned out. 🙁

eating her apple in her robe and rain boots

She was pushing her new stroller with her babble baby while eating an apple. Notice the rain boots.  Lol. She’s a trip, to say the least! 🙂

playing with christmas presents in her robe while eating an apple

Last but not least, here is a short video of Riley dancing around the BIG Christmas tree outside of the mall. She loves to dance!

I hope everyone has a safe and very HAPPY New Year!

Until next time…….

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