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Matching Mommy and me Outfits are one (of the hundreds) of reasons why I love having a little girl. I started day dreaming about Riley and Mommy and Me outfit Ideas and Shops
I wearing Matching Mother Daughter (aka Mommy and Me) outfits since I was pregnant. Wearing matching Mommy & Me outfits, isn’t just about wearing matching clothes, it’s about the bond it creates between you and your little girl and the fun times and memories you are able to share together.

Riley is at the perfect age (she’ll be 3 in August so she’s a little more than 2 1/2 years old) to start making “Mommy & Me” memories, just yesterday I noticed Riley mimicking my every move. We were at the doctor’s office and I bent down to get my insurance card out of my purse and noticed Riley was also bending over going through her little purse. When I pulled out my wallet Riley pulled something out of her purse and pretended like it was a wallet. She did exactly what I did….she not only pretended that the thing she’d pulled out was a wallet, but she pretended to unzip it, take something out, zip it back and then put it back in her purse. It was absolutely precious and definitely put a smile on my face.

Riley is my little mini me, while she looks a lot like her daddy, she also resembles me when I was her age. Not to mention, she acts just like me…she loves dancing and tumbling and is a little fashionista with exceptional style (jewelry, scarves, shoes and purses)….Oh she’s also all about helping me with my DIY projects. I call her my little DIY Girl.

So, it’s only right that my mini me dresses like her mommy, right? 🙂 While Riley and I don’t have a ton of matching outfits, we do have quite a few very similar mommy & me outfits and a lot of coordinating outfits, but I am working on getting us more matching mommy & me pieces. Especially now that I’ve discovered a number of  retailers, online shops and etsy shops that sell Mommy & me outfits.

Now to the Good Stuff…..

Use wardrobe staples to create matching mommy & me looks

Black Leggings and a chambray shirt are definitely a wardrobe staple for all women, so if you don’t already have these pieces on hand then you should look into getting them, not only because they are two of the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet, but they make the most adorable matching mommy & me outfit for you and your mini me.

Mommy and Me Outfit (leggings and chambray shirt)

Mommy and Me Black Skinny Jeans and Chambray Shirt via Hey Mcki

Matching Chambray shirts and jeans are a simple yet, super adorable Mommy and me Look.

mommy and me chambray shirt and jeans

Mommy and me Chambray shirt and jeans via The Honeybee

Add a matching fur vest to give this look a little something extra…I absolutely ADORE this look!

Matching Mommy and Me Outfit

Mommy and me Chambray shirt and jeans with a fur vest via Karla Reed

Pair your chambray shirt with a pop of color and animal print

You can wear red or any other bright color jeans or pants and spice it up with an animal print cardigan.

You can pair a button down with skinnies for another adorable Mommy and Me look

Matching Mommy and Me Black Skinny jeans and button down

Matching Mommy and Me Black Skinny Jeans and Button Down via Magazine Online

Matching denim jeans and a tee (black or white) are one of the easiest ways to create your own Mommy & me look just because you more than likely you and your mini me already have one of these color shirts on hand.

Mommy and Me jeans and a tee

Mommy and Me matching jeans and tee

If you want to make this look a little more customized you can have matching mommy & me monogrammed shirts made.

mommy and me monogram tees

Like the ones here from Charming Hearts Design.

You can also layer your jeans and tee with matching cardigans

mommy and me jeans, tee and cardigan

Image via Pinterest

Another easy way to give your minimalist mommy & me look a little more flair is to accessorize with matching scarves and boots.

Mommy and Me matching Scarf and Boots

This Mommy and Me look is courtesy of Ryleigh Rue

Mommy and Me looks from Retailers

Houndstooth Mommy and Me Dress

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Houndstooth Jacquard Mommy and Me Dress by Dolphin Fashion

Matching Mommy and Me Plaid Leggings

Mommy and Me matching Plaid Leggings via Ryleigh Rue

Mommy and Me Black and gold polka dot skirt

Mommy and Me Black Polka Dot Skirts Photo via Hey Mcki

Mommy and Me Crochet Trim Cardigans

Mommy and Me Matching Crochet Fringe Cardigans via Hey Mcki

Mommy and Me Lace fringe tunic

Mommy and Me Matching floral lace tunic via Hey Mcki

Mommy and Me Matching dress

Mommy and Me Matching Dress via The Matching Dots

Monochromatic Mommy and Me Dress and Skirt

Mommy and Me matching Black and White Monochromatic look via JOEYetCHLOE

Mommy and Me by Lily Pulitzer

Matching Mommy and Me outfit by Lilly Pulitzer. Lily Pulitzer has some of the most adorable matching mommy and me outfits. From identical pieces to coordinating pieces. They are extremely fashionable and full of color. I LOVE them!!

Mommy and Me cover up by Mud Pie

Mommy & Me Pink Seersucker Cover-Up by Mud Pie. I didn’t realize until recently that Mud Pie offers more than just kid’s clothes, in fact they actually have a full on shop with a number of products from women’s apparel, to jewelry to home decor. They also have an adorable collection of Mommy & Me pieces (it’s not a huge selection, but it’s def. worth checking out.

mommy and me lace shift dress

mommy and me matching outfit

mommy and me palazzo pants

The three pictures above are from Mayah Kay Fashions. I discovered Mayah Kay Fashions from Zulily and fell in love. The have a good selection of mommy and me outfits.

mommy and me matching dresses

These matching mmmy and me dresses from Be Inspired Boutique are the perfect pop of color for you and your mini. I love Be Inspired Boutique they have a ton of mommy and me outfits from tee shirts to dresses and leggings you can find a ton of mother daughter pieces for almost any setting.

mommy and me matching swim suits

These matching mommy and me swim suits are from Me N Mommy. This site has some absolutely fabulous pieces, from mother daughter swimsuits to dresses to jewelry and tee shirts!! You can find almost anything you want mommy and me here.

Here are some additional Mommy and me shops and retailers that have mommy and me products.

Old Navy – If you go to their online shop they have a “Mini Me” category where you can find matching and coordinating Mother/Daughter pieces.

Gymboree – If you go to their online shop you’ll find that they offer several matching mommy and me outfits and pajamas. They also have matching daddy and me outfits, so if you’re having a family photo session Gymboree is a great place to get matching and coordinating outfits for the entire family! To find matching mommy and me or matching daddy and me pieces that are currently being sold at Gymboree go to the search box and type mom and they’ll show up there.

Yo Baby has some super cute Mommy and Me outfits. I found them on Zulily, as well and am a huge fan!! They have jackets, vests, tops, dresses, rompers, pants, etc.

CurlyQsCounter – Etsy Shop that sells matching mommy and me jeans, denim shorts and denim vests.

Zulily – They have new mommy and me brands almost daily!

Groopdealz – is similar to Hautelook and Zulily and they often have mommy and me brands that participate!

If you have any other Mommy and Me shops you’d like to add to the list, please share them!!

Until Next Time…

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