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Watermelon is summer’s favorite fruit…i mean vegetable, but shhhh don’t tell the kiddos. I don’t know about you but 15 Fabulous Watermelon Carving Centerpiecesit’s the only vegetable I know of that has kids running back for seconds.  Not only is Watermelon sweet, juicy and super healthy, but they make the perfect centerpiece for any spring or summer party.

Watermelon carvings are a huge trend right now, they look fabulous, are amazingly fun and best of all, they are edible! I’d say they are a must have for any summer party, whether it’s a baby shower, birthday party, 4th of July bash or a family get together a Watermelon Carving centerpiece will be a huge hit with all of your guests. I’ve put together a collection of my favorite Watermelon Carving Centerpieces!

I hope you enjoy!

15 Fabulous Watermelon Carving Centerpieces

Minnie Mouse Watermelon Centerpiece

I absolutely adore this Minne Mouse Watermelon Carving, it’s perfect for a kid’s birthday party! Riley’s 1st birthday was Minnie Mouse themed and she wants another Minnie Mouse party this year, so I’m definitely thinking about trying this one out… via The WhootAngry Birds Centerpiece using a watermelonHow cute is the Angry Birds Watermelon Carving?! This is the perfect centerpiece for a kid’s birthday party! You can find the full tutorial at Watermelon.org….. It actually doesn’t look like it would be too terribly hard, at least it doesn’t look like you would need to be a skilled fruit carver to make it 🙂

Watermelon Drink Dispenser

I am soooo obsessed with this Watermelon Drink Dispenser. I am DEFINITELY going to try this one out. You can find the tutorial at The Whoot

Submarine Watermelon Carving

This Watermelon Submarine is precious! It’s another watermelon carving that would be the perfect centerpiece at a Kid’s Birthday Party! Checkout the tutorial at Watermelon.org

Shark Waterelon Carving Tutorial

This Shark Watermelon Carving Tutorial is perfect for a summer party or a shark week party or get together. Find the tutorial at Community Watch

Monster University Watermelon Carving Centerpiece

This adorable Monsters University Watermelon Carving Tutorial from Babble would make the perfect centerpiece for a kid’s birthday party.

Beach Bucket Watermelon Carving

This Beach Bucket Watermelon Carving Tutorial from Watermelon.org is perfect for any summer party or get together!

Pirate Ship Watermelon Carving Tutorial

This Pirate Ship Watermelon Carving tutorial from ehow is awesome! This is perfect for a Jake and the Never Land Pirates Kid’s birthday party or a Halloween party.

Tea Pot Watermelon Centerpiece

This Tea Pot Watermelon Carving tutorial from Watermelon.Org is so perfect for a little girls Tea Party Birthday, or for you and your daughter to make together, to display at your pretend princess tea party;-) Riley and I have pretend Princess Tea Parties all the time, so of course this watermelon carving made me think of her!!

Crown Watermelon Centerpiece

This Watermelon Crown Carving would make the perfect addition to your little Princess’ Princess party! I found this on Pinterest, but couldn’t find a tutorial for it anywhere 🙁

Number 2 Watermelon Carving

This Number 2 Watermelon Carving is perfect for a kid’s birthday party. I find this especially fitting for party’s where there isn’t a specific theme, as this is a fabulous way to make the decor and food stand out. I found this idea on Pinterest, but unfortunately I was unable to find a tutorial. 🙁

Baby Watermelon and Fruit Centerpiece

Watermelon Baby Carriage and Baby Carving via Fun Elf. Here is a great video tutorial that shows how to make a Watermelon Baby Carriage.

Chesire Cat Watermelon Carving

I can’t get enough of this fabulous Cheshire Cat Watermelon Carving. You can find the full tutorial at Watermelon.org 

Monster Watermelon Carving

Here is another fabulous Monster Watermelon Carving via Deavita

Watermelon Baseball Punch Bowl

Baseball Watermelon Carving via Pinterest. If you look at the description on pinterest you’ll see how she made it.

We have a watermelon in our fridge right now  waiting for me to cut it, but after seeing all of these watermelon carving ideas and tutorials I may just have to try out my carving skills….To Carve or Not to Carve….that is the question. Ha.

Have you ever attempted (successfully or Not) making a watermelon carving? If so I’d love to hear your watermelon carving story and any tips, tricks or lessons learned!!

Until Next Time….

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