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I know it’s been a few weeks, but I’m so excited to share the newest addition to our family, Baby Reese! Baby Reese arrived on March 15th at 12:24 PM; he was a whopping 9.6 lbs and 20 3/4″ long, he was a BIG baby!! Baby Reese’s first 10 days were rough to say the least, so I have put together a follow-up post sharing Reese’s health scare and the obstacles we faced as parents. I will admit, it’s a pretty long story (which is why I wanted to do a separate post just on that), but I wanted to share it in case someone else has experienced anything like this with their newborn, as we looked and looked for situations similar to ours just to get a sense of what we were up against, but there were very few stories similar to ours and none were exactly the same, so look for a follow-up story in the next few days.

Thankfully, Baby Reese is doing great, as he was cleared on any health issues that they originally thought he had, so I’m thrilled to now introduce my healthy, happy baby boy….Reese James Barringer!

Meet Baby Reese

Daddy and Baby Reese

Mommy & Baby Reese during his stay in NICU

Riley met Baby Reese for the 1st time

Riley and Reese laying together

Baby Reese laying on lambie

 Big Sis and Baby Brother


Baby Reese Napping

Riley loving on her little brother

Riley giving baby brother a hug

Baby Reese stretching Baby Reese being adorable

Until Next Time…..

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