"Meet Foxy"

Foxy is a sable colored female Pomeranian weighing in at 8lbs and as you can see from the pictures below, she comes with many talents, a jack of all trades, one may say. In her spare time, Foxy enjoys reading magazines, napping, typing on the computer, showing off her new clothes, snuggling with Scooby, showing off her modeling skills, and even helping with wedding plans…She’s talented, cute as a button and best of all, she’s all mine (and Jairus’) but mostly mine 🙂

My husband, Jairus, gave me Foxy as a Christmas gift the first year we dated (2004). We joke that she’s the glue that holds us together because she’s been with us since our first year together. Jairus calls her my sidekick because she literally walks beside everywhere I go. She knows what step I’m going to take even before I do; now that’s what you call a good sidekick. She can read your mind and never skips a beat.

Foxy, like me, loves to DIY, so check back to see some of the Pet Projects that Foxy plans to share!