When I first launched My Love of Style I never thought it would become such an ENORMOUS part of my life, but I am so glad that it has, I can’t tell you how much joy and happiness it brings me to be able to share my life’s experiences and to actually be able to help and inspire others as I try to create the life I want for myself and my family…on a Budget. After having a number of my fabulous readers ask where they could buy certain products I thought it would be helpful to have a page that is solely dedicated to providing helpful information. I have included a list of some of my must-have Craft and Party & Event Supplies, what they are used for, a link where you can purchase each of the items and links to projects I use those supplies for. I’ve also included my favorite retailers, why I love them, what type of products they sell and the price point. I will continuously update this page with new supplies/shops/website resources as I come across them. I hope that you find this page helpful; however if you think of any additional information that you’d like me to add to this page PLEASE let me know!! 

DIY | Craft | Party & Event Resources

My Favorite Craft, Fabric and Party & Event Shops

  • Koyal Wholesale – I love this shop! You can get just about any DIY Craft supply for any party or event here. Their products range from Fabric, Ribbon & Adhesives to Apothecary Jars & Vases to Party Favors, Labels and Tableware to Event lighting, Backdrops and Table Decorations. This shop is a dream for all of your Party & Event needs or DIY Supplies!  I bought several things for my wedding from (Bird Cage Card Holder, Place Card Holders, Bubbles, Disposable Wedding Cameras, Organza Favor Bags and several other things) I’ve also purchased tableware (vintage straws, wooden utensils, etc) for various parties and events I’ve helped with. I just love this shop!!  The shipping was quick, product quality was awesome and they’re reasonably priced! A+
  • Save-on-Crafts – Love this shop as well! This is another DIY Craft supply shop that has everything you can imagine for party & events. They are similar to Koyal Wholesale; however they also have jewelry supplies. I purchased several broaches for my wedding from them. I also purchased a ton of ostrich feathers that I originally purchased for my wedding but I didn’t end up using them, so I use them at Christmas time as Tree Picks! I’ve purchased several other misc items from them as well and have always had a great experience !!  A+
  • Online Fabric Store – They have some of the most beautiful decor fabrics at VERY reasonable prices and a HUGE selection of craft fabric and ribbon. I’m slightly obsessed with all of their twine and burlap ribbon. They have the biggest selection of twine and burlap ribbon I’ve seen. They have pretty much any color of twine and burlap you can think of.  I’ve purchased several rolls of their color twine and colored burlap ribbon. Although I haven’t purchased any fabric from them thus far, I’ve got my eye on several prints that I’m planning on getting sometime soon!
  • Hancock Fabrics – I love their selection of Burlap, as well as their selection of apparel fabric!
  • Candy Warehouse – I love love love this website! They have almost any kind of candy you can think of. They are the Mack Daddy of all specialty candy, offering a wide array of candy in every color, as well as TONS of holiday/seasonal specialty candy. You can find any type of candy in ANY color and they offer SO many tips and tricks and you can select candy based on your color scheme or theme. This is the absolute PERFECT place to Buy Candy in Bulk. Their prices are reasonable and you can always find Coupon Codes! Not to mention you can find just about any candy imaginable on their website!They also give you the ability to Shop for Candy by Color .
  • Michaels – Of course I have to include the standard craft stores. I go to Michaels for most of my misc. stuff like craft paint, seasonal crafts and the laminated burlap/jute rolls. I haven’t seen those anywhere else. 
  • Hobby Lobby – Hobby Lobby is probably my favorite in-store craft store. They have the biggest variety of well…everything.
  • A.C. Moore – I like A.C. Moore, but not nearly as much as I like the other craft stores. I feel like they are more expensive and don’t have as much to offer. 

My Must-Have DIY Craft Supplies

  • Mod Podge – You can do more with Mod Podge than you can imagine! Checkout my Mod Podge projects for some ideas. You can get Mod Podge at any craft shop (Michaels, A.C Moore, Hobby Lobby, etc) but the cheapest place I’ve found Mod Podge is Walmart.
  • Spray Adhesive – I’ve used spray adhesive for several projects and really like how quick & easy it makes re-covering surfaces. For example it’s great for re-covering a lampshade 
  • Styrofoam Balls – Styrofoam balls are fabulous for home decor and Party & Event Projects. You can make vase fillers, Pomanders/Kissing Balls, Christmas Ornaments, Topiary Trees. You can get them in various sizes. For vase fillers and Christmas Ornaments I suggest 2 1/2″ Styrofoam Balls; however if you are making a Pomander (Kissing Ball) I suggest using at least a  4″ Styrofoam Ball.
  • Styrofoam Cones – These are hands down the best way to make fun, creative and unique Christmas  Trees during the holidays. They are also great for making Candy Trees for Candy Buffets or for any party or event.
  • Twine – This is one thing that I always have on hand at all times. I actually have about 6 different types of twine (Can you tell I love it) 🙂 I love the rustic/cottage look and have found so many unique ways to incorporate twine into my home decor. I also love using twine for banners, such as pennant banners, picture banners..basically any type of banner. I love Jute Twine (I use this probably more than any other type of twine). I also love Baker’s Twine, you can get it in almost any color.
  • Burlap – Hands down my favorite fabric. I ALWAYS have at least a two yards of burlap on hand at all times. I buy most of my Burlap from Hancock Fabrics. It’s very reasonable and comes  in quite a few colors. If you can’t tell I absolutely love Burlap and have done quite a few Burlap Projects. Checkout my Burlap Project Tutorials for some ideas.
  • Hot Glue Gun – OMG I use my hot glue gun all the time. It’s an absolute MUST-HAVE for any DIY Craft Project!! 
  • Stitch Witchery – Love this stuff, it works fabulously as an alternative to sewing. I’ve used it on a number of fabric projects! To see how to use it checkout my Bed Crown & Canopy Tutorial. You can buy Stitch Witchery at any craft store or fabric store.
  • Scissors – I know this sounds, I mean who doesn’t own a pair of scissors, right, but one thing I’ve learned is a good pair of scissors can make your craft or fabric project either VERY easy or annoyingly difficult. I suggest using one pair of scissors for fabric, one for paper and craft projects and one for everything else. I have these Allary Ultra Sharp 3 Piece Premium Scissor Set and LOVE them.
  • Paint Brushes – You need to have a pack of various sized paint brushes for your craft projects. I have so many different paint brushes and have found that it’s worth buying a pack of various sized brushes that are not super cheap. I have the Royal Crafter’s Choice Short Handle 7 piece variety brush set and really like them!! 
  • Craft Paint – I always have a box of various colors of Craft Paint on hand at all times.
  • Scrapbook Paper – I use scrapbook paper for so many things and definitely think it’s something you should have on hand. A great website for unique scrapbook paper is Scrapbook.com
  • Ribbon – Ribbon makes everything fun…and pretty!! There are so many things you can do with Ribbon, it’s great to have several different types/textures/colors/widths of ribbon on hand for your craft projects

My Must-Have Party & Event Supplies

  • Mason Jars  – I love love love Mason Jars for Parties and events, they make fabulous drinking glasses, as well as desserts jars! I also use Mason jars for decorating…they make fabulous vases 🙂 I bought the majority of my Mason Jars at Walmart, as they have a case of 12 for $12.00. I have also bought several mason jars at the Dollar Tree. You can also get them at Hobby Lobby and various craft stores but they’re at least 75% more expensive.
  • Martini Glasses –  These are fabulous for drinks and desserts at any party or event and they are also great to use on candy buffets. They are perfect for smaller events where you don’t need to purchase a huge amount of candy. I buy all of my Martini Glasses at the Dollar Tree….after all they’re only a $1.00
  • Chalkboard – Chalkboards make fabulous event signs. You can use them to tell your guests  where to go (Event this way), as a welcome sign announcing the event (Welcome to John’s Birthday Bash) sharing the event menu, table number or favors (Thank You for coming, please take a favor). No matter what the event a chalk board signs are bound to be a great addition!!    
  • Chalkboard Markers –  I am obsessed with Chalkboard Markers, they are AMAZING when it comes to writing on chalk boards. If you have a chalk board you MUST get at least 1 chalk board pen!!
  • Clothes Pins  –  These are great for displaying banners (photo banner, onesie banner, etc) They are also great for displaying pictures. You can buy decorative clothes pins or decorate your own! Walmart has clothes pins for very cheap; you can get a pack of 100 for less than $2.00
  • Tissue Paper  – There are so many Tissue Paper Projects you can do for party and events. You can make Hanging Tissue Paper Pom Pom’s, Tissue Paper Pomanders, Tissue Paper Flowers or a Tissue Paper Banner. The possibilities are endless! You can get a 100 pack of assorted Tissue Paper at Walmart for $9.99. 
  • Paper Straws  – Paper straws are the perfect addition to any event. I don’t think i’ll ever host another event without them.
  • Candy Scoops  – If you host events often or even periodically where you have a candy buffet or even a few candy items you are definitely going to want to have a few candy scoops. Without them your guest will be touching all of the candy and that’s a disaster waiting to happen!! You don’t have to have a candy scoop for each item on the candy buffet but you do need enough to go around.
  • Apothecary Jars/Vases – Apothecary jars are great for any type of event. You can use them to display decor or to display candy. They are very popular for candy buffets, as they come in varying shapes and heights. Always remember candy buffets look best when there are an assortment of sizes and shapes of containers.
  • Doilies  – You can use doilies to display your food on or you can use them to decorate with. There are tons of doilie crafts out there. I especially love them with paper favor bags by adding them to the top of the paper bag you immediately add a touch of classic elegance! Checkout my tutorial for Hockey Inspired Party Favors to see how to make doilie favor bags

My Favorite Home Decor Shops

  • Home Decorators Collection  – This is one of my absolute favorite places to shop for Home Decor. They have high quality products at VERY reasonable prices. Home Decorators reminds me of Ballard Designs only they are at least 50% cheaper and have very comparable products. I can’t say enough good things about this place. I’ve bought several pieces from here and would buy a whole lot more if I had the extra money. The product quality is great and they are ALWAYS offering some sort of discount or promotion!!
  • Overstock – I didn’t realize how awesome overstock was until I started price shopping and I kid you not, they really do have the lowest prices for high quality merchandise. I have bought more items from here than I can remember, but a few things that are worth mentioning is the Antique White Crystal Chandelier I purchased for my foyer. I shopped around for a good month looking for the right lighting option and fell in love with this Antique White Crystal Chandelier, so I started looking around to see if I could find it any cheaper and I couldn’t believe it, but Overstocks prices were significantly lower than any other site. The same thing for the Hand Tufted Wool Rug I purchased. Overstocks prices was around $175.00 less than any other site. I was amazed. I have purchased tons of home decor products, as well as several baby items and I have been more than satisfied with every purchase. A++
  • Kirklands – I have been buying home decor from Kirklands for YEARS and I mean since I was in college and absolutely LOVE the quality and selection of their products and I especially like their prices!! Kirklands is VERY reasonably priced and always has some sort of sale going on! You can definitely give your home a beautiful makeover on a budget at Kirklands!
  • Marshalls & TJ Maxx – These two retailers have given me the ability to re-decorate my home, I have found so many amazing deals at Marshalls, TJ Maxx & Home Goods and not just in the home section. I have bought more clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry and beauty products from there than I can even begin to count. I can confidently say “I am a Maxinista”
  • Garden Ridge – They have some amazing deals on everything home related, as well as a massive selection of seasonal decor! I will admit, the store itself is kind of dreary but you can find some AMAZING Pieces at a very low-cost!

Favorite Baby Shops 

  • Baby Furniture Plus Kids – I think they may be a regional baby furniture retailer and I must admit their website doesn’t do them justice. The customer experience in the store is great; however the ladies at the Charlotte location are AWESOME! All you do is tell them what you are looking for (color, pieces, style) and they will help you put together a package that is in your price range. I had a wonderful experience and highly recommend them! Not to mention they have a fabulous selection of beautiful high quality baby furniture!
  • RH Baby and Child – Now they are not cheap but they have some Gorgeous Nursery Collections, as well as their Children’s collection. I am obsessed with their nursery bedding, that was the one area I splurged on Riley’s nursery. I purchased all of her bedding and curtains from there and can’t be more pleased. They may be a little higher in price but the quality is top-notch and they are always running promotions, so if you find something there you absolutely have to have (like I did) don’t buy it until they run a promotion that includes the item you want. I did that and was able to get 20% off the entire bedding collection and 20% off the curtain panels. 
  • Drugstore.com – Okay, so this is not just a baby store, they have SOOOO many things but I am 100% obsessed with this shop. I can’t even begin to tell you how great of a deal I got on a massive amount of baby supplies. They offer HUGE discounts and free shipping. I go to Drugstore.com for all of my misc baby supplies (shampoo, bottles, food) I also purchased my baby bath tub and boon drying rack from them. They were much cheaper than any other store. 
  • Land of Nod – I love this shop, they have some of the cutest baby accents. I purchased a few things from Riley’s nursery here as well. The products were great quality and reasonably priced.
  • Baby Gap – I buy at least 40% of all of Riley’s clothes from Baby Gap, they have the absolute most adorable collection of baby clothes and they are ALWAYS running a sale!!  
  • Pottery Barn Kids – NI love all of the decorative accents and plush toys that PB Kids has. I purchased a ton of things for Riley’s Nursery from here. It wasn’t the cheapest place but it wasn’t to terribly expensive and I love everything, the quality is A+   

Favorite Clothing & Accessory Shops

  • ASOS – This is a fabulous clothing shop where you can get work wear, casual wear, evening attire and maternity clothes. They also have AWESOME handbags and accessories. All of their prices are extremely reasonable. Their sizes are a bit different and I’ve found that they run slightly big; however they have free shipping and returns so if you find a size doesn’t fit just right you can exchange it for free! I’ve purchased quite a few items from asos including several dresses and shirts, as well as handbags and jewelry and the quality of everything I’ve purchased has been great!  
  • Loft – I buy quite a bit of my work attire from Loft. I love their collection of work wear and have found that they are always running promotions and sales so you can get high quality attire for a very reasonable price!! 
  • Candy Couture – I have purchased several pieces from here and love them! They are a bit pricey but they have fabulous designer apparel, handbags and accessories. I love the way their shop is setup because you can browse by category, by trend or by designer. They also have a celebrity style blog full of articles on celebrity street style where they include products you can to get the look. This is definitely a high fashion shop that you should check out. Even if it’s just to see the celebrity style headlines! Here is 20% off coupon for first time customers.
  • Haute Look – If you aren’t familiar with HauteLook they are an online shopping destination that host sales events for designer brands.  The sales events last for a certain duration (usually 48-72 hours) where you can purchase designer products 50%-75% off (it reminds me of a designer sample sale). New designer sales events are launched daily. I have purchased a ton of items from HauteLook ranging from beauty to dresses to shirts to handbags to shoes. You have to keep a look out for the upcoming sales events that way when you see a designer you like you can be sure to shop the sale when it first opens b/c they only have a select number of sizes in each style and they sell out quick! Shipping takes a little longer than I would like but for the discount you get on designer brands the wait is well worth it 🙂 You have to sign up for a membership to view the sales but the membership is free and it doesn’t require any sort of credit card information. All you have to do is sign-up with your email and a password or through your facebook account.
  • Revolve Clothing – This shop is very similar to Candy Couture, as they have a huge amount of designer clothes. I’ve purchased several dresses from here and absolutely loved them. The items I purchased were between $49 and $130 so they weren’t too expensive. Their prices vary depending on designer but they have a great selection. They actually just revamped their website and I LOVE the new layout! They give you the option to search based on designer, occasion (Valentine’s Day, Work Wear, Date Night, etc) and category. They also have a spotlight section where they feature various trends where you can shop the look. I love this shop and would definitely buy more from here if I had the extra funds.
  • Bluefly – This is a fabulous site where they have designer apparel, accessories, etc for discount prices. It’s almost like an outlet for designer products. I love this shop and highly recommend it for all of the designer ladies/men out there that are on a budget!! 
  • Rue La La – This is another online shopping destination site that host designer sales events just like HauteLook. I’ve bought a few things from here as well, but just like HauteLook you have to watch for the new sales events because inventory is limited!! In order to view the sales events you have to sign up for a membership but the membership is free and it doesn’t require any sort of credit card information. All you have to do is sign-up with your email and a password or you can sign-up with your facebook login. It’s VERY easy!!

My Go-To Websites and Blogs

  • Project Nursery – This is such an amazing source for all things baby and child from nursery inspirations to kid birthday parties to maternity style and everything in-between. This is such an amazing resource! You MUST check it out!
  • Amy’s Atlas – This is hands down the best place to find candy buffet inspirations. There are some stunning candy displays for any and every theme/holiday imaginable!!
  • Become Gorgeous – This is a great resource for everything Fashion & Beauty!! 
  • Craft Gossip – This is a great resource for DIY and Handmade Craft Ideas and Tutorials
  • Green Wedding Shoes – This is a great resource for everything wedding related. You can find Wedding DIY’s, Real Weddings and tons of inspirations. 
  • Style.com – This is a great resource for everything fashion. You can find fashion trends, fashion shows, celebrity fashion, etc. I love their Looks feature where you can view lookbooks that people have put together and create your own look book. LOVE this site!!! 
  • Polyvore – This is one of my favorite fashion sites. It’s very similar to Style.com where you can browse looks that people have put together to get ideas on how to wear different looks. You can also browse room ideas that people have put together. If you like a product on the “look” you just click on it and it takes you to where you can buy it. LOVE THIS SITE!!!