Shabby chic is one of my all time favorite decorating styles combining romance with age, elegance and beauty. When you envision a shabby chic room think of luxurious accents and timeless well-used furnishings mixed together to create the perfect country cottage look full of romance and charm. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, well that’s a very familiar statement in the world of shabby chic decorating, as shabby chic is known for creating beauty by bringing worn out furnishings and thrift store finds back to life. To create a Shabby Chic look you should incorporate various textures and shades of white, well used or distressed furniture, vintage treasures, floral, paisley and striped fabrics, rod iron, pastel colors, crystals, lace, ruffles and floral arrangements.

If you are looking to achieve a shabby chic look through DIY’s check out myย DIY Distressed Pictures frameย Tutorial. Also look for more shabby chic tutorials to come as I continue my Shabby Chic Foyer Makeover.

Here are some of my favorite Shabby Chic Inspirations. I hope you enjoy!

"Shabby Chic Bathroom and Vanity"

"Shabby Chic End Table"

"Shabby Chic Bedroom"

"Shabby Chic Patio"

"Shabby Chic Office"

"Shabby Chic Living Room"

"Shabby Chic Living Room "

"Shabby Chic Dining Room"

"Shabby Chic Home Office"

"Shabby Chic Front Porch"

"Shabby Chic Entryway"

"Shabby Chic Living"

"Shabby Chic Bathroom"

"Shabby Chic Bedroom"

Images via Houzz

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