With Fall in full swing and Winter well on its way I am excited to share some of the top Fashion Hat Trends for Fall/Winter 2012. Each season there are a few fashion headpieces that are more prominent than others, some are predictable while others are a little out of the ordinary, either way they are a fabulous way to spice up your wardrobe and show off your personality.

I’m not quite sure what it is about fashion hats but the moment I place one on my head….I begin to dance around. No, not really, but you have to admit they are fun and I do think they make you feel just a tad bit sassy; It’s almost as though there is an inherent sense of confidence associated with these incredibly fun yet oh so stylish headpieces, wouldn’t you say?   As for me, when I wear a hat, it’s almost like I become a different character in my own little story book.

Women have been wearing fashion hats since the 17th century and believe it or not, some of the most popular styles in today’s fashion were inspired from the early 1900’s such as cloche hats, Kentucky derby hats for women, big brim hats and swingers. I think they are all fabulous and give an outfit the glamour that it deserves; I’ll have one of each please!
This Fall/Winter some of the top hat trends are Fur,  Fedora, Cloche  and Brim Hats

See how celebrities wear these fabulous Fashion Hat Trends

Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trend #1: Fur Hats

Fur hats go way back, this is the Stunning Audrey Hepburn wearing a fur hat back in 1963

109196 audrey hepburn steps out in the snow in a fur hat charade 1963 Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends
Photo via Access Hollywood

Kim Kardashion wearing a Fur Hat

Kim Kardashian Joyce Bonelli Fur Hat Photo Shoot 061712 5 491x369 Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends
Photo via Celebuzz

Emma Stone Wearing an Anna Sui Faux-Fur Hat

emma stone 812x1024 Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends
Photo via Stars We Love

 Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trend #2: Fedora Hat

Katie Holmes wearing a Fedora Hat

katie holmes 435 Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends
Photo via People Style Watch

 Hayden Panettiere wearing a black Fedora Hat with a black leather trench coat

Hayden Panettiere Hat2 Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends

 Jessica Alba wearing a brown Fedora Hat

Jessica Alba Hat5 Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends
Photos via Mastlists

Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trend #3: Cloche Hat

 Leighton Meester wearing a Purple Cloche hat in Gossip Girl

style tip vintage cloche hats back Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a black fur cloche hat

style tip vintage cloche hats back 1 Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends
Photos via Posh 24

Angelina Jolie wearing a cloche hat in Changling

Angelina Jolie Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends
 Photo via the Style Catcher

Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trend #4: Brim Hat

 Vanessa Hudgens wearing a burnt orange wide brimmed hat

vanessa hudgens Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends
Photo via Modoration

Rachel Zoe wearing a wide brimmed hat

rachel zoe Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends

Olivia Wilde wearing a bright pink floppy brimmed hat

olilvia Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends
SIGNATURE2 Fall/Winter Fashion Hat Trends

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