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I am a Ribbon Junkie and until recently I lacked any sort of Ribbon Organization (not a good combination, How-to Organize Ribbon
right?) and I’ll be the first to say, a Ribbon collection without organization is nothing more than a jumbled mess! That’s why I’m so excited to share the tutorial for the DIY Ribbon Organizers I made, they literally saved my sanity when it came to looking for my loose ribbon and trim.

To put things in perspective, my idea of organization (or lack thereof) before I organized my ribbon, was throwing spools of ribbon in whatever box or bin they would fit in….and don’t even get me started on the various pieces of loose ribbon and trim. They were twisted and tangled around each other to the point where you couldn’t figure out what was what..can you say frustrating!

If this sounds like you, then I promise these DIY Ribbon Organizers are for you….not to mention they are extremely easy to make and they don’t cost you a penny, Great, right?!?!! 🙂

Okay, Ribbon Lovers, Let’s get started!!

DIY Ribbon Organizer Tutorial

Here is what you need:

  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Push Pins
  • Scotch Tape

Unorganized Ribbon

This is what my Red Scrap Ribbon looked like before (just look at the red ribbon, I accidentally included the burgundy ribbon in the picture)

Step 1: Cut out pieces of cardboard that are all the same length and height. I used the sides of cardboard boxes.

cut even pieces of cardboard

Step 2: Take your first piece of ribbon and tape the edge to the cardboard

tape ribbon to cardboard

Step 3: Begin wrapping your ribbon around the cardboard

Wrap ribbon around cardboard

Step 4: Once you finish wrapping the ribbon take a push-pin and pin the ribbon in place

Pin Ribbon in place

 Continue adding your additional ribbon to the piece of cardboard

Step 4: (This is only if  you have more than one piece of the same type of ribbon or trim). When you finish wrapping the first piece of ribbon tape the edge down.

tape first piece in place

Step 5: Then tape the edge of the second piece of to the first piece.

tape second piece to first piece

Wrap it around the piece of cardboard on top of the first piece of ribbon and pin in place.

And viola……You have an easy DIY Ribbon Organizer

DIY Ribbon Storage

Now that your Ribbon is organized you can store it however you please. I chose to store my Ribbon Organizers in a Fabric Storage Bin.

DIY Ribbon Organizer and Storage

You can see I still have almost half of the Fabric Bin left for additional Ribbon Storage! Before I had to use 2 fabric bins to store this much ribbon. I wish I had a picture of all of the loose ribbon and trim before I made the Ribbon Organizers. I can’t even begin to describe the difference it made!!

 DIY Ribbon Storage

I hope you found my DIY Ribbon Organizer Tutorial helpful!! For additional Craft Room Ideas you should checkout my Craft Room Vision Board. I included the steps to determine the best layout, furniture, storage and decorative accents (with lots of tips and ideas) for your craft room 🙂 I also have several additional Craft Room Storage Tutorials here and here.

Until Next Time…..

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