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I’m back with my last Craft Room Storage Tutorial. At least the last one before my official Craft Room Reveal, Painted Fabric Storage Bin TutorialI’m sure over time I’ll have more storage tutorials to share, but for now I want to share a tutorial for the Pink and Gold Painted Fabric Storage Bins I displayed throughout my craft room. I literally searched FOREVER for pale pink and gold fabric storage bins and couldn’t find them anywhere. I really wanted to use fabric storage bins because they fit perfectly into my storage cubbies and are great for storing larger items, but I wasn’t willing to give up the overall look I had envisioned for my craft room.

My first thought was to paint the fabric storage bins I already had on hand, but I couldn’t find any tutorials on painting fabric storage bins, so I was a little reluctant to just pick up a paint brush and start painting (especially since they cost so much). At that point I thought my only option was to re-cover them with a pretty fabric. Something I really didn’t want to do, as the fabric I wanted to use isn’t cheap and the thought of having to actually sew new fabric on these storage bins was just overwhelming.

Soooo I took a leap of faith and decided to try the painting method, but instead of ruining my expensive fabric storage bins I went to the dollar store and bought one of their fabric storage bins that way if it didn’t work I wouldn’t feel guilty, but I’m absolutely thrilled to say that after 3 coats of paint my fabric storage bin started looking pretty good! Once I realized that I could paint my fabric storage bins I stopped painting the cheap one (because I wasn’t going to use it) and started painting the ones I was planning to use!

To save time (and paint) I only painted the front of most of my storage bins. I mean, you can’t tell until you pull them out, and even then I”m the only person that will see it. Now if your fabric storage bins are in an area where your guest can see more than one side I’d definitely paint all sides that are visible (by more than you and your immediate family).

Okay, let’s get started!!

Painted Fabric Storage Bins {Tutorial}

Here is what you will need:

  • Fabric Storage Bin
  • Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Gold Leaf Paint Pen

Here is a Before and After Picture

Painted Fabric Storage Bin "Before and After"

Step 1: Paint over fabric storage bin using acrylic paint. I had a little helper on this tutorial. Riley wanted so badly to paint with me…soooo, I put some water in a cup and let her paint using water 🙂

Fabric Storage Bin with 1 coat of Paint

Step 2: Paint another coat after the 1st coat has fully dried

2 Coats of Paint on Fabric Storage Bin

Step 3: Paint a 3rd coat. More times than not, 3 coats is enough; however you may need to add a 4th coat or touch up a few areas

Fabric Storage Bin after 3 Coats of Paint

Step 4: Use gold leaf pen to paint the edges of the fabric storage bin and the handle

Paint Edges with Gold Leaf Paint Pen

And viola….customized Painted Fabric Storage Bins

Painted Fabric Storage Bin Tutorial

Here are some pictures of how they look in my Craft Room

Pink and Gold Painted Fabric Storage Bins

Pink and Gold Painted Fabric Storage Bins

You can see my other craft room storage tutorials here, here and here

Until Next Time……

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